Legend Of The Shadow (Kage no Denshouka), also translatable to Song of the Legend of the Shadow, is a choral song from the Shin Sekai Yori Original Soundtrack, which features three different versions.[1]

Song LyricsEdit

Version 1Edit

郷の奥 続く道
嘘を教えて 辿る道
つづら折 見え消ゆる
友の影追い 参りけり
山の端 日陰りて

Deep in the village, an unbroken path
Teaches lies, following the path
Hairpin turns appear and disappear
Chasing a friend’s shadow, visiting his grave
In a shrine deep in the forest
On the edge of the mountain, concealed by clouds
Shadows become lies

Version 2Edit

暗き森 行き迷いで
この耳 澄まし入れば
戻る後先 告げくる
幽けき 囁きごと
生くるもの 消えゆくもの
眼閉じ 胸に刻む
忘らるる その声を

In a dark forest where you lose your way
If you listen carefully
There comes a warning to turn back
In faint whispers
Things live and die
Where is the god that rules over it all
Close your eyes, carve into your heart
That forgotten voice

Version 3Edit

月雲に入るを 待つ
ただ ただ 密やかに待つ
八尋の大海 進み出で
ここならぬ天地を 求め行く
未来に繋ぐ 過去の道を
分かつ 結界抜け
筑波嶺 闇に溶け
いざや 超えん

Waits inside a cloud
Quietly, quietly waiting
Stepping toward the vast ocean
In search of a world that does not exist
Cast aside your weak heart
On the path that connects past and future
Lives join and
Escape broken barriers
Tsukuba’s peak melts into darkness
Come, cross over


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