Mamoru Itou



Kanji 伊東 守
Rōmaji Itō Mamoru
Age 12 / 14 Years
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Haruka Kudō (12 Years)
Motoki Takagi (14 Years)
English Blake Shepard
First Appearance
Anime Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves
Manga 01. Season of the Young Leaves

Mamoru Itou (伊東 守 Itō Mamoru) is one of the five main characters.


At the age of twelve years, Mamoru is portrayed as a short, young boy with messy, light brown hair and golden eyes. He wears the common school uniform of Sage Academy, which consists of a beige vest with a blue seam, a purple bow tied over the midsection and four blue buttons on the stomach area of the vest. Additionally, he wears pants in the same color as the seam, with a single white line on the bottom of each side, as well as fitting shoes combined with white and blue socks. A yellow patch on his left sleeve denotes his group number.[1]
Not much has changed about his appearance at the age of fourteen years, the only differences being a raise in height and broader shoulders. He is still wearing the same uniform he has been wearing at the age of twelve years.[2]


Mamoru is the most timid and the least talented of the group aside from Reiko. The most reluctant to break the rules, he was the most affected by the False Minoshiro's words at the summer camp.
He is also the father of Messiah and was killed along with Maria after the child was born.


  • Unlike the majority of the members of Group One, Mamoru went to Friendship School, not Harmony School.[1]
  • Maria has been the only person Mamoru ever felt attracted for since joining Sage Academy. Even during puberty, he never showed an interest in his own sex, like the other boys his age.[3]
  • Mamoru lost his mother to typhoid fever when he was young, and seems to view Maria as a surrogate, since both have red hair, a rare trait in Kamisu 66. According to Satoru, red hair was never an Asian trait, so Mamoru's mother and Maria's possibly mutual ancestors possibly came from a distant country many generations ago.[3]