Reiko Amano
Kanji 天野 麗子
Rōmaji Amano Reiko
Age 12 Years
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Yui Horie
First Appearance
Novel Part I: Chapter 01
Anime Episode 01: The Season of New Leaves

Reiko Amano (天野 麗子 Amano Reiko) is the sixth member of Group One in the beginning of the story. She is the first student to be killed by an Impure Cat, due to her weak performance in class.


Reiko appears to have short dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders and has purple eyes. She wears the same uniform as the other female students, which consists of a beige vest with a radiant orchid shaded seam, and a purple bow tied over the midsection. Additionally, she wears a skirt in the same color as the seam, as well as fitting boots combined with a large part of beige and black stockings beneath. On each side of her short sleeves are yellow fringe accessories with tiny turquoise pearls on them. On both shoulders, there are overlapping parts of the top clothing.


Reiko was born in Gold[1] and became a member of Group One upon having her cantus activated and entering Sage Academy. She is considered extremely clumsy, as well as slow with her cantus. She is eventually killed by one of the Impure Cats while walking home late after school, due to high chances of her turning into a Karma Demon if she was to continue living.


  • Unlike the majority of the members of Group One, Reiko went to Morality School, not Harmony School.[1] This aspect is changed in the manga, as Reiko seems to have known the majority of the group from Harmony School before entering Sage Academy.[citation needed]


  • Group One: In the manga, her, Saki, and Maria are seen to be close friends, who occasionally show their affection to each other by sharing physical intimacy, which is common between children and teenagers of the same sex. It is also seen that she has known everyone (except Mamoru) since the beginning of Harmony School.



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