Ep1 Sage Academy

Sage Academy (全人学級 Zenjin gakkei) is the second and final school students in Kamisu 66 attend. A student graduates from any previous school (e.g. Harmony School) when they gain the ability to use their Cantus (commonly referred to as having being visited by the "Spirit of Blessing") and have their Cantus sealed and Mantra bestowed at the Temple of Purity afterwards, after which they enroll into the Sage Academy.


All the practical courses at Sage Academy are based on each student's aptitude. Although the general technique for using cantus is the same, there are hundreds of levels of difficulty, from simple force exchange to something as advanced as cold fusion. While most students progress averagely, some students are able to tackle much harder techniques. One example is Shun, whose progress is far ahead of his other classmates. During one course, he is given the task of hatching a chick from its egg in under two hours, an incredibly difficult task since it normally takes an egg twenty-one days to hatch. To be given permission to use cantus directly on a living being requires not only technical skill, but also recognition of outstanding character, so it is common that there are incredibly high expectations for the future of each student who gets the permission to try such a difficult task.

Summer CampEdit

Summer Camp is an important event that is held every year. Even though the name makes it sound happy and carefree, it is actually an action-packed week-long camp where the teams paddle up the Tone River and live in tents without any adult supervision. Students have to have their teacher approve their itinerary to make sure it does not clash with another team's schedule, but that is the only input they get.[1]

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