Saki and Shun
Included Characters
Saki Watanabe Shun Aonuma
Status Confirmed
Relationship None
Appearance Novel, Anime, Manga

Saki and Shun is a pairing including Saki Watanabe and Shun Aonuma, which makes an official appearance in the novel, anime and manga of Shin Sekai Yori. It has been confirmed to be a canon two-sided love without an official relationship in all media.[1][2]


When Saki was still twelve years old, it is hinted that she likes Shun. At first, it was a one-sided love where Saki likes Shun but he doesn't have a clue that Saki has feelings for him. As time passed and they were now fourteen years old, it was revealed that it wasn't really a one-sided love after all, Shun began liking Saki while Saki is oblivious. Even before Shun realized his feelings for Saki, he was already in a relationship with Satoru, a member of their group. Satoru sometimes gets jealous of how Shun talks about Saki until he gets annoyed of it. While the two are in a relationship, Maria and Saki also did the same. But Shun and Saki never got the chance to confess their love for each other because before that can even happen, Saki notices changes with Shun based from his personality and Shun eventually disapears. Saki, Satoru, Maria, and Mamoru doesn't have memories about Shun at all. After Shun's disappearance, Maria and Mamoru decides to leave the village and start a new life somewhere together. With Saki and Satoru left, they agreed to find their lost friends and reunite with them again but they were unsuccessful for Maria and Mamoru left no prints or clues on where they can be found. As the series progress, Saki ventures off and was surprised to find Shun. Shun revealed that he became a Karma Demon that's why he left. As their conversation ended, Shun made Saki go to protect her because the place is now collapsing. When Saki was far from him, he mutters 'Thank You and I Love You'. Saki didn't hear anything for she was as far from him as possible and left her sad.

Important MomentsEdit


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